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Setting up your Hanging File Folders

Your Basic filing system starts with 16 hanging file folders that consists of 4 different colors: (4) Blue (4) Green (4) Red (4) Yellow.

On each of the 16 plastic colored tabs supplied with the hanging file folder print one surname (last name) in CAPITOL LETTERS for each of your great great grandparents. Use the maiden name of your great great grandmothers. This will give you 8 files for great great grandfathers and 8 for great great grandmothers.

Example: These names are those of your 2nd great grandparents or said another way:

Your fathers fathers fathers father = Blue tab MANNING
Your fathers fathers fathers mother = Blue tab HEATH
Your fathers fathers mothers father = Blue tab TENNY
Your fathers fathers mothers mother = Blue tab BURTON                   (16-19 Blue Tabs )

Your fathers mothers fathers father = Green tab CORLLEY
Your fathers mothers fathers mother = Green tab KENDALL
Your fathers mothers mothers father = Green tab LEMMON
Your fathers mothers mothers mother = Green tab WARNICK          (20- 23 Green Tabs )

Your mothers fathers fathers father = Red tab OLSEN
Your mothers fathers fathers mother = Red tab PEDERDATTER
Your mothers fathers mothers father = Red tab JENSON
Your mothers fathers mothers mother = Red tab SIMONSON               (24-27 Red Tabs )

Your mothers mothers fathers father = Yellow tab MACMAN
Your mothers mothers fathers mother = Yellow tab JOHNSON
Your mothers mothers mothers father = Yellow tab HILL
Your mothers mothers mothers mother = Yellow tab PEDERSON     (28-31 Yellow Tabs )

Tip: These are people that are numbers 16 - 31 on your pedigree chart.

Place these files in alphabetical order within each color.

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