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Click here for a printable version of these lists. Check each step off as you do it. See the FamilyRoots Organizer videos for a complete explanation of how to set up the FamilyRoots Filing System.



Step 1. Gather together genealogically-related items you already have. (See videos for suggestions.)

Step 2. Fill in a pedigree chart with as much information as you can.

Step 3. Divide up the items you found by the family surnames of your ancestors and place in temporary containers. (See videos for ideas on how to do this step.)

Step 4. Update your pedigree charts, and make family group records.



Step 1. Gather supplies for your filing system. (See "TIPS - Shopping List for Filing Systems" for list of supplies you need.)

Step 2. At the front of your file box put a complete set of your family pedigree charts.

Step 3. Study the Circled 5-Generation Pedigree Chart. (See "TIPS - Circled Pedigree.")

Step 4. Circle the lines of your 4 grandparents by color on your own 5-generation pedigree chart.

Step 5. Put 16 colored hanging files into your box: 4 blue, 4 green, 4 red, 4 yellow.

Step 6. Label the colored hanging files with your family surnames, using your own 5-generation pedigree chart as a guide. (See videos for details.)

Step 7. Put copies of your 5-generation pedigree chart in each of the colored hanging files, one for each surname. Highlight the surname line that belongs with that colored hanging file.

Step 8. Label a manila file for each family on your 5-generation pedigree chart. (See video for how to label these files.)

Step 9. File the manila folders in alphabetical order behind the colored hanging folders the manila folders belong with. (See "TIPS - Patronymics" for suggestions on filing patronymic names.)

Step 10. Place family group record, To Do List, Research Log, documents, notes, and other useful items in manila family file folders. (See videos for a complete explanation.)

Step 11. Set up other useful files. (See videos for explanation of Holding Files, Location Files, and Helps Files.)

Step 12. Expand to other boxes, as needed. (See videos for how to.)

Step 13. Keep the basic file system updated and useful. (See videos for suggestions.)

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