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Why FamilyRoots Circle Pedigree:
This beautiful, laminated and color-coded FamilyRoots Circle Pedigree was created based on the family history training taught by Mary E. V. Hill. A colored pedigree chart really helps you keep all your ancestral lines straight. This product makes it very easy to create a chart that is both useful and very attractive to display. The idea for color-coding a circle pedigree chart began several years ago. Family researchers find lots of genealogy information about cousins, but feel a need to concentrate on finding their ancestors on their pedigree chart who are direct-line great and great great grandparents going back for many generations. As they worked on large pedigree charts it became overwhelming! They wondered if it would help to divide the chart up into 4 quarters by color, for the 4 lineages of my grandparents?" Using markers and a ruler, they tried it out. The addition of color made such a difference! It really amazed them. Adding color to your organizational system will really help keep all the details straight and help you do good and effective genealogy research.

How to color-code?
Color-code your pedigree by the lineages of your four grandparents. All the ancestors of one grandparent will be organized under the same color:
  • Grandfather's lineage on your father's side: BLUE
  • Grandmother's lineage on your father's side: GREEN
  • Grandfather's lineage on your mother's side: RED
  • Grandmother's lineage on your mother's side: YELLOW
  • Using the FamilyRoots Circle Pedigree:
    Use an ultra fine point, felt tip, black permanent ink pen. This must be permanent ink for use with both labels and charts. See Tips, Shopping List on this web site for further information about where to buy this kind of a pen. If you make a mistake when writing on the chart the ink can be wiped off with Thoro, nail polish remover ( See instructions.)

    Fill in the chart with as much information as you have. Put the chart up on the wall and then use it to guide you as you set up the rest of the FamilyRoots Organizer system.

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